Highest quality hardware
for articulated furniture

More than 200 satisfied manufacturers worldwide.

Furniture to save space

Urban life needs every space to be used efficiently.

We design furniture systems, fittings and moving parts to equip them with multiple practical functions in the smallest possible space.
We are market leaders in space saving:
Inventors and patent holders of the bed + desk combination furniture.
Renovators of the folding bed (Murphy), bunk bed and small space furniture.
Innovators in space management and efficiency.

Hiddenbed is the ally of innovative furniture manufacturers.

Our team of market analysts, architects, interior designers and innovators design the smartest ways to make the most of home and work spaces, giving you the opportunity to offer your clients a world-class product.

Our business partners around the world use our designs and guides to manufacture high quality furniture which in combination with our Hardware Kits form the best space saving solutions.

More than 200 satisfied manufacturers around the world.

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Points of sale

We manufacture our hardware kits from the best materials, ensuring a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Safety and Quality

Our solutions comply with international DIN EN 1129 and 1730 standards. 

Adaptability and flexibility

Hiddenbed hardware adapts to any material and is flexible in dimensions and styles. 

Constant innovation

We develop new multifunctional furniture systems every year.

10 year warranty

Our customers are 100% satisfied with the strength and durability of our products.

Working with Hiddenbed is good business

"At first it was just me and a box archive full of papers on a shelf and now we have over 10,000 square feet and 18 employees, all dedicated to selling and distributing Hiddenbed" (2015).

"We continue to expand year after year, and have recently sold our 8000th Hiddenbed. With 3 showrooms and 8 vans, we are able to demonstrate and supply the products throughout the UK." (updated 2018)

Ben Berry
The Studybed Company

We are the North American distributor of the magical Hiddenbed product.

What can I say? Hiddenbed international has been an amazing partner. Maria and her team produce a superior product with technical and engineering backing second to none. Customers tell us there is no comparison to what is existing in the marketplace, their patented Hiddenbed mechanism is the best.

All are amazed at the functionality of the Hiddenbed.

We are so confident in the Hiddenbed brand, we produce their products exclusively.

We can not ask for a better partnership as we continue to grow with a regular release of new and exciting products from Hiddenbed International.

Keith Marjadsingh
Hiddenbed North America. Hiddenbed Factory.

"Honestly, when we saw it we thought it was the coolest piece of furniture and we wanted to share it with everyone."

Diane Rodriguez
Hiddenbed USA

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no need. Hiddenbed systems are manual and gas spring assisted that make conversion easy and lightweight.

No! The desktop remains horizontal and stable throughout the conversion. Leave everything on top.

Yes, all of our fabrication drawings include detailed assembly instructions.

Si, en algunos casos. Puede consultarnos aquí.

No, but we have a catalog of drawings of all our models for virtually all existing mattress sizes.

Our hardware is tested up to 10,000 cycles (30 years of normal use).